Sunday Morning Service
11:00 AM

336 East Aurora Avenue
Ironwood, Michigan


The Church of the Transfiguration, the Episcopal Church of Ironwood, is part of the Diocese of Northern Michigan.  Diocesan  offices are located in Marquette, Mi.  The Diocese is comprised of 30 some churches.  A few of which are small in size and seasonal.
As we minister to a small area which is economically depressed; the Diocese has been a national if not worldwide leader in developing a program we call "Mutual Ministry", simply put it allows parishes which could not afford a full time compensated minister,priest, etc. to select from their congregation those who  wish to give of their time and talents to spiritually lead their church.  These individuals enter training lasting up to three years leading to local ordination by the Diocesan Bishop.  Seminary trained support is provided by a regional missioner.
If your looking for a church home where you can, if you wish, take a very proactive role in church life,  this is the place for you.
Welcome.  We look forward to seeing you.

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